Food and the City: a night in with Sauza Tequila Yum

July 25, 2013

a night in with Sauza Tequila

Member' when I told you I was headed out to Atlantic Beach for the day with 3 other awesome bloggers? Duh, of course you do - since I may or may not have posted this video on instagram after drinking, oh, say, 5 glasses of Sauza Sparking Margarita's.

We spent the whole day (no really, the whole day) shooting a fun video for Sauza, that I can't wait to share with you all! Everyone was so super ridiculously sweet and I'm sort of missing them all right about now.

hallie + devon + myself + natalie + ali

(i would also like to add that none of us planned to wear the same colors. great minds, i tell you)

P.S - if you haven't already tried Sauza Sparking Margaritas - please stop whatever it is you are doing at this very moment and go get some. My favorite is the wild berry, and not just because its pink. Thats a huge reason, obviously, but it was sooooooooo good. Like, scary good. Sneak up on you good but.

The scene they set for our bloggers night in dinner was so beautiful I wish I could have packed it all up and brought it home with me. They did an amazing job, and I veeeeally can't wait to share the final video with you all!! 

Hope you enjoyed some behind the scenes-ness!

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