Food and the City: east coats meets west coast... food

July 17, 2013

east coats meets west coast... food

I think it might be a requirement that east coasters try In n Out burgers while visiting the west coast. No really, is it in the Facts of Life handbook? Because quite frankly, it should be. The day an east coaster figures out the legend that is In n Out can be a total hot mess of overwhelming love.

Unless you're like me and you don't eat burgers. Then no. Then it just becomes an annoying-spend a half hour on line- experience, and thats never good.

Enter.. Mr. D. Mr. D is my guinea pig for everything. Its so much more fun forcing people to try something first, so you know its good before you do. Liiiiike, In n Out. My own curiosity for why people love In N Out so much drove me mad and forced me to wake Mr. D up one morning and decide he was having In N Out for lunch that day.

And I would get to take pictures, of course.

So thats what we did. We went to In n Out. He got a double meat burger with a side of fries, and a 7up. 

Verdict: He effing loved it, and now we're moving to the west coast. 

Kidding. But he did love it. So much, that he went back later on for another one. I on the other hand, didn't try one, buuut the fries were glorious. So glorious. I want to punch something, glorious.

Come home with us, In N Out.