Food and the City: 4 ways to break the ice this summer! Yum

June 21, 2013

4 ways to break the ice this summer!

My love for blogging and the awesome opportunities that come my way because of it never cease to amaze me! Recently, ICE BREAKERS DUO® mints, invited Food and the City to be a blogger spokesperson for the BREAK THE ICE™ campaign! I am so honored and thrilled to be apart of it, and I hope you all enjoy the tips we listed below (in honor for the first day of summer of course!) to help YOU break the ice this season!

The hot days of summer are finally here, which means new friends, summer romance and adventures like jetting off to the beach! Being social and meeting new people is not only fun, but also good for your overall well-being. A study published by researchers at the University of Oregon suggests that spending more time socializing with friends can make you happier than spending time alone.

If you want to BREAK THE ICE™ this summer, try one of these fun ideas for meeting new people and sharing fresh experiences:

1 | Make having fun a team sport! 
The summer is the perfect time to go outside and get active, and what better way to do this than by joining an intramural sports team? Look for leagues with a unique spin, like giving back to the winning team’s charity of choice or a zany sport like inner tube water polo. You’ll be sure to meet new people and bond through team camaraderie – on and off the field. 

2 | Unplug to connect.
Invite a diverse mix of friends and acquaintances over for an impromptu party, encouraging each guest to bring along a new buddy. Replace coat check with a phone check and ask guests to leave their devices in marked bags at the door. Rather than logging onto Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone else is doing or trying to capture the perfect photo to share on Instagram, your guests will be living in the moment. The conversation is sure to be lively, so be sure to pack ICE BREAKERS DUO® Mints to keep things fresh all night long. The mints, available in Raspberry and Strawberry, are the coolest and sweetest way to experience fresh breath and perfect to bring along while you’re mixing and mingling this summer.  

3 | Share happy vibes at a hot summer music fest. 
When the sun is shining, the music is blasting and the vibe is good, you’ve created the perfect backdrop to rub elbows with new crushes and friends. Before the day’s concerts kickoff, host a morning yoga session near your tent, offer to rub sunscreen on your neighbor’s back, or have a pre-concert jam session by blasting one of your favorite band’s latest tracks.

4 | Celebrate the journey. 
Getting to and around your weekend destination is part of the adventure! Hop on the ferry or Hampton Jitney bus for a quick getaway and look for a bike share or street car to keep you mobile once you arrive. Wearing a statement piece is a surefire way to attract attention while in transit – think eye-catching accessories or bold neon colors. If you smile and look approachable, you never know who might strike up a conversation!

Don’t forget to share your summer adventures with us using the #breaktheice hash tag on Twitter and Instagram – we want to hear from you!

*Disclosure: I was invited by The Hershey Company to be a blogger spokesperson for the 
ICE BREAKERS DUO® Mints BREAK THE ICE™ campaign. This post is one piece of that partnership. All expressed opinions are my own.