Food and the City: Inniskillin Cocktail Tasting (drinks to try this weekend!) Yum

May 10, 2013

Inniskillin Cocktail Tasting (drinks to try this weekend!)

The other day, I had the pleasure of attending a fun event to taste Inniskillin Ice Wine's newest cocktails. After posting about it on instagram + twitter, a lot of you guys said you were totally down with Inniskillin and were so excited for me to try it out!

Obviously me trying them out meant having 9 or 10 of them.

Kidding. Who do you think I am? It was more like 8.

Berry-Inn Season - my favorite!
raspberries - tarragon - inniskillin vidal - lemon juice - simple syrup
this drink literally went down like juice. in fact, i think i might have had about 5 of them. suuuper fruity and girly but still enough oomph to it for you manly men to enjoy. mr. d definitely didn't complain.

Green With Inn-vy
sliced cucumber - pieces honeydew melon - mint leaves - inniskillin vidal
probably thee most refreshing drink i have ever tasted. definition of a cocktail you want
to drink on a summer day. the cucumber and melon cools it down while the mint gives it some zing.

Gin-Inn Juice
inniskillin vidal - gin - peach juice - soda
omgosh. slushie. it was like drinking a slushie. mr. d's favorite and a close 2nd to mine!

inniskillin cab franc - rye whiskey - angostura bitters
my least favorite, mainly because i'm not really a whiskey drinker, but definitely a
good change up from your average manhattan! when i was a bartender years ago, the manhattan
was always one of the most popular drinks ordered. if you're a manhattan lover (or just a whiskey lover!), try this one out for sure!

I pretty much had a great night if you can't tell by all of my drinks, but also met some really awesome people and snacked on some really yummy food provided by Mothers Ruin on spring street.

Plus, I figured this would be the perfect thing to post since its Friday and I'm thinking you should really mix up some fancy cocktails tonight.

...if you're of age of course!

*{in no way sponsored by inniskillin wines, just attended an event and loved the cocktails!}
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