Food and the City: Prom "After Party" Tips

April 21, 2013

Prom "After Party" Tips

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Prom season is in full force and you probably already figured out your plans if you'll be attending this year. Your dress is ready, your pinterest board is flooded with hair + makeup ideas, and your date is probably already sweating in their boots. Its prom, duh. One of the most important nights in a young gal or guys life. The ending to a story and the start of a new beginning. Its huge deal for you and you may be starting to freak out. 

If you're going away... 
If you and your friends planned a weekend getaway after prom, you're going to want to make sure you have everything completely mapped out beforehand. Everyone has a mommy figure type friend, so give them the job to check out the area + collect the money. Figure out how you're getting there and how you're getting back. Don't leave this for a last minute decision. With all of the prom madness happening the days following up to the big night, the last thing you'll want to do is coordinate rides on a whim.

If you're just going out after...
Lets be real. Most of you are probably going to try to drink, (if not, kudos!) and its best that you take complete precaution and safety measures before doing so. I'm in no way encouraging underage drinking, but since its 2013 + I was also once an 18 year old, I know its going to be going through your crazy teenage minds. Don't feel pressured, and if you feel uncomfortable about the situation your in, leave. Leave right away. Call a cab, a friend, a cool older cousin, just don't stay. If other after prom partier's are getting too rowdy for your taste it won't make you extra cool to stick around and see what the end result is. Plus, thats what facebook is for. Duh.

Speaking of not feeling pressured...
If its "the night" (or he/she thinks its the night), I don't think I need to start whipping out the "cool older internet friend handbook" and start telling you all about the birds and the bee and how protection is a must. Lets not be weird about this folks. Protection is like, a serious thing ok? Use it.

If you're staying home...
Well thats cool also. In fact, after prom my boyfriend and I picked up a pizza and ate it on the kitchen floor in our fancy prom gear. Totally romantic, I know.
{ok not that vintage. but vintage enough!}

Last but not least, its prom! Have an amazing time and don't sweat the small stuff like your hair getting frizzy in the heat too much. You'll be having so much fun you won't even remember or care about how badly your baby hairs curled up. Well.. at least until all of the pictures come in that is. Just Kidding!