Food and the City: Spicy, Zesty Broccoli

January 06, 2013

Spicy, Zesty Broccoli

I know what you're thinking.
Its the new year so now Mel is going to give into the new years resolution pressure and start posting really super healthy boring recipes and now I can never read her blog again. Guys there's no butter in this post.

I don't know whats happening to me.

But to be reeeeeally honest, and I will probably deny this if you ever asked me again, I'm just, like, really excited for spring. WHAT? I didn't say that. Nope.

Ugh we took down the tree today. So I kind of felt pressured to be excited for spring? Everyones all like "yay spring" and all of the stores are all like "90% off all things winter!" and I'm just the girl hiding in the corner holding onto her santa hat for dear life hoping nobody will notice.

BUT since its time to grasp reality and realize that the Christmas season is indeed over, why not start to introduce some of my favorite light, springtime recipes? And oh my this one is delicious. The balance of spice vs. zest is so incredibly good, I promise this will become a staple in your home for lunch and dinner. Leftovers of this never stick around for long, and even Mr. D, the biggest steak and potatoes guy you will ever meet in your life, loves this dish. So I say you try it. Tonight. Right now? 5 Minutes ago?

Heat up some oil in a skillet, then add in 2-3 chopped up

cloves of garlic + half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes.
Saute for about a minute, add in your cooked broccoli, then sprinkle on some salt and pepper. I'm a huge fan of those frozen bags of broccoli  that you nuke in the microwave for a few minutes. They are perfect for times like these, and taste just as good as the fresh stuff.

Let the broccoli brown up a bit, remove from heat, and then zest a lemon.

Serve over brown rice and top the broccoli with the lemon zest.
So light, so delicious, and so perfect for dinner tonight.