Food and the City: You need this lens. Yum

November 03, 2012

You need this lens.

Yup, you need this lens. Like, NEED IT. Total life changer. 
But this is coming from the girl who would totally agree to work for you for 19 years on a pizza salary alone.

But no really.

Ahhhhh this is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 || and holy moly macaroni (did I just say that?) you won't believe your eyes. And your wallet. Because guess what? This lens cost like, $90. NINETY BUCKS for an AMAZING lens. Now I'm no professional, and I really only have it to compare to my kit lens as well as a Canon Macro lens that I own (pictured below), but

That^ is the funniest picture you will ever see of my dog. Ever. I peed my pants for a good 17 minutes after I took it. I mean come ON. He's smiling. Like full on smiling. I'm hysterical laughing at this very moment.

The lens in the picture holds no significance, but it shows the amazing quality of the photos taken with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 ||. Please go buy this now. You need it in your camera bag for EVERYTHING. The depth on the photos is so suburb it just makes me want to punch something. So fantastic. AND - if you're totally weird like me and take pictures of food and then post it on a blog for thousands of people to see and then get completely caught up on every post and start talking about your Mr. D and how he only wants to eat steak for dinner like, every night, and you're slowly starting to pull the hair straight from your head because you just can't figure out anymore creative ways to make a filet - then this is the lens for you!

No but really. HOW many ways can you make a filet? 

I'm stopping now. Buy this lens. Bye

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