Food and the City: Simple Marinara Sauce Yum

November 13, 2012

Simple Marinara Sauce

Today we're making sauce since I've been meaning to put this recipe up for the l.o.n.g.e.s.t time and I finally got around to being able to make this while taking pictures and drinking wine at the same time. This whole blog thing is really helping me out with my multitasking skills. Just don't tell Mr.D that because I still have him convinced that I can't cook and clean at the same time (ie. I can ie. I will not).

Traditional marinara sauce is something I think everybody and their brother should know how to make. Its timeless, its classic, its freaking delicious, and you need to know how to do this. And if not that, then just take it as a life lesson. After today you will forever know how to make homemade marinara sauce and will never buy a jar of the red stuff again. And if you do, I'll never speak to you again. I probably will. Lets be friends forever, K?

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WELL this show is totally addictive messed up and it went a little like "Hey I pretended to be your lover for 8 months. P.S I'm not. Lets be friends?". Yup. You need to watch it. Like, now.

The best part about this sauce is that it is SO simple to make. I have been making it with these same ingredients for years and it never gets old. I still can and will eat this with a spoon and call it soup for the rest of my life.

Also - I used peeled whole tomatoes rather then crushed because I prefer chunkier marinara, but if you prefer smooth, use crushed tomatoes. I however, am team chunk.

You'll need: Olive Oil, Tomatoes of your choice, 1 Chopped Onion, Cloves of garlic(sliced), Fresh Parsley, 1/2 Cup Red Wine, and Rep Pepper Flakes.

Heat up a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and add in your chopped onion. Saute and let brown for 5-10 minutes, then add in your garlic. Mix and let cook for 1-2 minutes more. ALWAYS only use a wine that you would actually drink, NOT cooking wine! As convenient as cooking wine is, cooking with a wine you would actually drink always leaves you with a better tasting meal.

Add your 1/2 cup of red wine and then pour a glass for yourself.

Allow the wine to bubble and reduce by half (give a few stirs here and there), then dump in your tomatoes. If you're using uncrushed like me for a chunkier sauce (so.much.better), just mash them up with a potato masher. OR USE YOUR HANDS! I love doing that, just not when I'm holding my $700 camera.

Maybe definitely next time. Now add in your fresh parsley and your red pepper flakes. Depending on how much of a kick you like will depend on how much red pepper you use. I personally like spice, especially in a sauce, so I usually add a tablespoon and a half. That really sounds obnoxious. 

Stir it up, cover, and let simmer on medium-low heat for about 15 minutes.
Or - leave it uncovered and be me and eat it with a spoon while it cooks.

The end! If you ever buy jarred sauce again I will stick my goons on you.
I'm just kidding, I have no goons. Or a life.