Food and the City: 10 Things. Yum

November 05, 2012

10 Things.

1) That ^ pizza I ate over the weekend was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I just love, like seriously, love chicken cutlet pizza. No no really. I mean what DOESN'T go awesome with chicken cutlets let alone sauce and bread? I don't know. I can eat them everyday despite their glorious friedness and therefore fatness but that is A-OK. I order mine with no cheese and somehow my mind balances that out and allows me to think my pizza just magically became 0 calories.

2) I pulled out the peacoat the other night. I am so ready. I love winter. Not more then fall, but winter is a close second. If leaves didn't change and if I didn't get to put a pumpkin outside my front door in the fall, then winter would definitely be #1. Especially living in NYC - the holiday season is just unreal over here. Everything is decorated and jolly and New Yorkers are actually really nice for once (kidding, we're ALWAYS nice).

3) I love this article. It-is-so-true.

4) I'm listening to Christmas music right now. Don't judge me.

5) When did the big framed reading glasses become cool again? I don't know. I feel like one day out of nowhere everyone had big framed glasses. I mean, I'm totally guilty of it, but when did this happen? When did we all feel the need to buy these? I remember when I was younger and had to get glasses, I wanted, no needed, the slimmest most trendiest pair of thick black frames. Now ix-ay on the thick and add in the wide. I like them though, and totally love wearing mine, but when the heck did it become cool?

6) Clearly I'm getting old with the complaints of #5.

7) Do you watch American Horror Story? O M G. I love that show. It is so gory disturbing  magnificent and I just can't get enough of it. UGH did you SEE last weeks episode? Holy holy. The ending blew me for a loop and I think I said "OMGICANTBELIEVETHAT" 400 times after it was over. We had friends at the house, since nobody had power besides us, and I converted 10 people into American Horror Story lovers. 

8) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biels(Timberlake?) wedding pictures. I KNOW RIGHT? Adorbs.

9) So supposedly it has been declared Halloween in some parts of the tri-state area today, and well, I have nothing to say about that. Sorry kids, I ate all your candy already.


Thats all. Bye for now!
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