Food and the City: A doggie birthday. Yum

October 08, 2012

A doggie birthday.

It was Debo's birthday this weekend.

Yup, Debo the Pit Bull! He turned 1 year old, and I can't even think of anything witty to say because I am just in such shock that he is already one. We got him in December of last year and he was just a little pup. I was able to hold him in 1 hand and carry him around all day. Now, he's like, 7000 120 pounds, and I can hardly get him to get off the couch let alone be able to carry him around the house.

We had a little birthday celebration which really means we ran around the house chasing him trying to get a party hat on his head. All I needed was 2 seconds to get a picture and then he would be free to go. But no. Of course not. Why would he make it so easy? Long story short we didn't get any party hat photos.

Sprinkles bakery actually makes cupcakes specifically for dogs, and since Debo is the most spoiled dog on the entire east coast, we picked him up a box for him to enjoy. And obviously since I'm a cranky biatch if I don't get enough sugar in my body on a daily basis, I picked up a box of Cinnamon Sugar ones for us humans aka Me and Mr.D aka just Mr.D since he basically ate them all.

Look at that face. How could you deny it? You can't. Which is why I sent $100 on cupcakes for a dog.

Happy Birthday Debo!