Food and the City: Ghostly Treat Yum

October 04, 2012

Ghostly Treat

How   cute   are   these?

I love Halloween. I just love it. I love it for the makeup, I love it for the costumes, and of course, I love it for the food. There is just something magical about creating creepy ugly things from something delicious. It warms my soul. I'm a freak. Am I the only one that loves to make that sort of stuff but then won't eat it in fear that maybe it really turned into fried fingers or real life eyeballs? Even though I know whats in it? I have issues people.

This is just something I made really quick, but figured I'd share incase you have kids you'd like to scare or a Halloween party to attend to this year. They take like, 10 seconds to make.

You'll need: White Chocolate Chips, Wafers of some sort, Milk/Dark mini Chocolate Chips

Take some white chocolate chips

And throw them in your fancy homemade double boiler

Then transfer everything because you're a jerk and remembered last minute that heat transfer better through metal rather then glass.

Slowly melt it, not burning the chocolate. Burnt chocolate is not a happy thing.

You may want to throw in a scoop of vegetable shortening to it to liquify the chocolate a bit for easier dunkin'.

Now take some wafers and dunk them in the chocolate, coating the entire thing.

I don't have a picture of this because I got distracted by a shiny thing

Now take some mini chocolate chips, and use them for the eyes!

Let them chill in the freezer for 15 minutes to harden up

Voila! How stinking cute??? I can't take it. Adorable 

Look how nice! Now eat 47 of them.


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