Food and the City: Buttery Baby Potatoes Yum

October 24, 2012

Buttery Baby Potatoes

Guys. I like, really love potatoes. All forms of them. Roasted, mashed, whole, baked, I am obsessed.

I don't understand people who aren't potato fans. I just don't get it. You crazies are inhuman. Potatoes are awesome, glorious, amazing, perfect, delicious, carby, fattening, makes me not fit in dresses. Wait.

Everyday I wake up and thank the Lord that Mr.D loves potatoes just as much as I do. We wouldn't be able to make a relationship work if it wasn't solely based around potatoes. I like to think of it as the glue that holds us together. Mashed potato glue. Only in a perfect world. I would be lying if I didn't confess that it took for 4 whole minutes to form this sentence because I was seriously fantasizing about mashed potato glue.

Another thing I love about potatoes: There are so many ways to cook them. Seriously. You can basically throw them into anything. And I mean anything. Except for maybe ice cream, even though I would be lying again if I told you I wound't try that.

Watch out. Mashed Potato Ice Cream hitting stores summer of 2097.  Be there.

Rinse and drain some baby red and yukon gold potatoes. Slice them in half.
Boil some water, and cook the potatoes for 15-20 minutes or until potato shows no
resistance to a fork. Drain. 
Heat up some butter in a sauce pan and throw in some roughly chopped onion and garlic.
After 1 minute, dump your potatoes back in and toss them around to coat. Scoop in some more butter and allow to melt. Top with fresh parsley.

Mmm mm these are super delicious. And they are good in the fridge for a few days so make up a bunch and you'll have a side for the rest of the week! 

Plus, they're potatoes. And potatoes always win.