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October 26, 2012

10 Things

1. I bought that magnet^. Its awesome. I love it. You all need one in your life.

2. Has anyone else noticed Christmas is, like, everywhere already? I don't mind the slightest bit. But I know, I just know, those Christmas season haters are out their complaining right this very minute. I mean, media and stores always start pumping out Christmas related things early. But I feel like it was double early this year. Target already has a Christmas commercial out, and QVC's set is already decked out with Christmas trees. Yup I love it. I'm that crazy person that is on a ladder stringing Christmas lights November 1st.

3. I want to make gnocchi. I'm scared to though. It frightens me.

4. Debo is feeling better, thank you for all the well wishes. He has now started eating/consuming socks again so that is a good sign!

5. Anyone need a new boyfriend?

6. Tomorrow is my Halloween celebration day and I am so.effing.excited. I'm being catwoman. Photos to follow on Mondays edition of Weekend Things. We're going to a club (I don't do clubs), but I'm actually excited. Especially since Mr.D is actually dressing up this year and it makes my heart do a happy dance.

7. I think I'm finally starting to get over the whole no more Elliot Stabler debacle on Law & Order SVU. I mean, I still totally miss him. But I don't blow up in hysterics anymore when one of the new episodes come on. Thats a sign of progress right? 

8. Why did they bring the Furby back? WHY! Does everyone not know by now that those things are totally possessed by the devil? I mean really. I had a furby when I was a kid, and I swear, that thing used to talk at night. TALK. AT NIGHT. In like, the pitch dark. 

9. Sex and the City is on and I'm watching it. I may or may not have been inspired to name this blog after that show since its one of the greatest shows in the history of shows and nothing can compare. Ever. Ok maybe Friends.

10. Speaking of Sex and the City I still get very upset with the episodes involving Aidan. WHY DID SHE NOT MARRY HIM? I can't.

The End.

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