Food and the City: Boneless Buffalo Wings

May 07, 2012

Boneless Buffalo Wings

This is a messy recipe post. There are no step by step instructions because I'm a ditz.
No really. Really ditzy. Ok not, but this messy post is due to the fact that I decided
to post this recipe after I already made it, and after we already ate half of it.
I'm not ok.

I posted a picture on Instagram (i.e you should follow me: iAmMelP), and I got
a ton of requests to post it up here. So I am. Here we go. It is so easy.

You'll need:
Boneless Chicken Breasts
BBQ Sauce
Celery for garnish

Start by cleaning, slicing, dicing, and cutting your boneless chicken breasts into
cube-like medallions. Heat up a skillet with oil on high-medium heat.

Mix flour, paprika, and pepper in a bowl. This will be your breading.

Dip each chicken cube into egg, then into flour, then set aside. Continue with all pieces.
When the oil is hot enough, place your chicken medallions into the skillet leaving
enough room that each piece doesn't touch. You may have to do this in two batches
depending on how much chicken you have.

Let the pieces brown on each side for about 5 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking, pour some of your favorite BBQ sauce into a saucepan
and heat it up on medium-low heat. I used Kraft Spicy Honey, but you can use
whatever you like. Kudos to you if you use homemade BBQ sauce. I can't do that
because I despise ketchup.. which just so happens to be a main ingredient in BBQ sauce.
If I ever had to hand make it, I'd cry a million tears.

Ultimately, using hot sauce is the most authentic way, but I was going for a more
Sweet & Spicy type of wing.

As each piece finishes, scoop them into the saucepan filled with BBQ sauce.
Coat them, toss them, and just let them chill in there for a minute or 2.

Place them on a plate with a side of celery, and serve right away.

The End.