Food and the City: Cavatelli & Broccoli Yum

April 26, 2011

Cavatelli & Broccoli

Lets face it. We are busy people, living in a busy world, playing out busy lives.
Kids, work, relationships - you name it. 

Sometimes you just have 0 time, and need something super quick to whip up.
But what? What can I possibly make in less then 20 minutes that will satisfy me?

Good thing you asked. Good thing you read my blog, and good thing for Cavatelli & Broccoli.

Heres what you'll need:
Frozen Brocoli
Olive Oil
Stove & Microwave
Pot & Strainer

Start off by boiling a medium sized pot of water. Time on how long this takes will
vary by how much water you fill it with. Remember, we're looking for quick so
don't fill it up too much. A little less then half way is good. Turn on the fire and let boil.

It usually takes about 10 minutes to boil.

Have your broccoli ready to go. We're not going to actually cook it until the water is boiled, but
its always good to be prepared. Place it on a dish and put it in the microwave for the time being
without turning it on.

Of course you can use fresh broccoli, as I normally do, but we have NO time remember??
So we'll just go with the frozen stuff for now.

I like Birds Eye. Taste super fresh and super yummy.

Any frozen cavatelli you have in the freezer is fine. If you are short on cavatelli at the moment, 
whatever pasta you do have would virtually work with this recipe. I prefer cavatelli, however.

When your water is boiling, this is when all the action starts. Get ready. Its time to move move move.

Pour out your bags of cavatelli carefully in the boiling water. C a r e f u l l y. Did I mention boiling?

Right after you do that, set your microwave for 5 minutes to cook the broccoli.

Mix up the cavatelli, pop some salt into the water, and let the pasta cook to your liking. 
I'm an al dente freak, and really don't like any pasta thats not cooked al dente. I go all diva
when it comes to my pasta.So, I usually leave it in for just 5-6 minutes.

Taste it. Make sure its just right. Then strain it in the sink with your strainer.

By now your microwave will most certainly have gone off. Take out the broccoli
and stick a spoon in it to break it up. It will most likely still have the same shape
as it did when you first put it in. Don't fret. It breaks up as soon as you touch it.

Combine the cavatelli and broccoli in your bowl. Add a generous amount of olive oil to
the mixture and stir it up. Make sure the oil is spread out enough. You don't want
spoonfuls of just oil.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, or whatever your age allows, and eat up!
The entire process will only take you about 17-20 minutes AT MOST.
Just follow the time and everything will flow smoothly.

Ok..why are you still reading this? Aren't you in a rush?


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