Food and the City: Lemon Tart Cupcakes

April 28, 2011

Lemon Tart Cupcakes

Mmmmm .. these are seriously a wonderful treat. Great to whip up on the weekends.

Or weekdays. Or everyday of you life.

They are very homeschool - and there isn't much to them.
They'll probably be the easiest cupcakes you'll ever make.

If you're not good with a piping gun, these are for you!

The Goods:
White or French Vanilla Cake Mix
Lemon Frosting (either store bought or homemade)
1-2 Lemons
Vegetable Oil
Cupcake Liners
Yellow Sprinkles

Throw your cake ingredients into a bowl. Literally throw them. Get your aggressions out!

Follow the directions on your box and use an electric mixer to tie them all together.

Here comes the hard part!

Take a lemon...cut it up..and SQUEEEEEZE
Seriously..thats it. Told you it was super easy.

You can use up to 2 whole lemons if you're into sour faces, but I just went with 1 lemon.
It lets you know the lemon is there, without you having to need a glass of water.

Now this part matters.. A LOT! So pay attention.

Grab a spoon and dip it into your mix.

Then take a lick. Perfect.

Pour your mix into the cupcake liners only half way threw. You'll have a lot of leftover cake mix, but no worries. We have a project for it.

Can you tell I need a new cupcake pan? I don't want to part with this one. It was my first.

And you never forget your first.

Pour your extra cake mix into any ol' pan you have lying around. Bake it and store it somewhere
where husbands or kids can't reach. We'll use it in another recipe coming it. You can also freeze it!

Cook your cups for about 20 minutes. Don't be me and leave them in for 25 minutes.
Who knew cupcakes can burn in ovens?

We're gonna be using Betty Crocker Lemon frosting. Ay yi yi, I can eat this stuff for dinner.

Frost them old school. Like how you would to bring cupcakes into your class on your birthday.

These cupcakes really aren't about the frosting. Its about the cake. But frosting is always good.

Now sprinkle some yellow sprinkles you may have on hand. I like the sugar crystal ones for these.
Kind of reminds me of lemon zest. WHICH BY THE WAY - would look adorable on these.

My brain doesn't work right when I bake at night.

They're delicious!

Try it out.