Where I buy my wine in NYC

I went to France 6 years ago today. 6 !!!!! years ago I boarded an international flight for the very first time and visited a country that I would end up falling madly in love with. A country whose culture I envied, and fantasized about having for myself. Days spent sitting in cafes, sipping on […]

turmeric spiced chicken + veggie cauliflower rice

When did cauliflower become Head Plastic? Did broccoli, like, get pushed in front of a bus or something?   I. need. answers.   For real, though, I’m not even sure when or why cauliflower became so popular, but there’s no denying the fact that duliflower has had quite the growth spurt in the last few […]

Summer Sippin’ With Dr Pepper

“This post is sponsored by Dr Pepper, on behalf of Advantage Media/ACTIVE. However, all opinions and stories are my own.” What’s one memory from childhood that always sticks out in your head whenever you see something? Whether it’s a show, or a color, or even a familiar scent. We all, subconsciously, store little memories in the […]

How To Wear Athleisure

If you follow me on literally anything, then you’re highly aware of the fact that I recently broke my wrist due to some…shall we say… immature behavior. Well, maybe you didn’t know that part, but what I will tell you is that: tequila, baseball games, and unsteady balance is never a good idea.

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