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July 18, 2017


60 OF THE BEST SUMMER RECIPES, Summer Recipes, Summer Dinner Ideas, Summer Lunch Ideas, BBQ recipes, Healthy Summer Dinner, Healthy Summer Dinner Idea

OKAY - serious summertime food porn happening over here right now. Like, for real, helpppp me not run out and buy every tomato that I see. Also, did I reallllly roundup SIXTY of the best summer recipes for you ??


Yes I did.

60 OF THE BEST SUMMER RECIPES, Summer Recipes, Summer Dinner Ideas, Summer Lunch Ideas, BBQ recipes, Healthy Summer Dinner, Healthy Summer Dinner Idea

July 14, 2017

GIVEAWAY | Quest Cereal Protein Bars (+ mini review)

Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

If you follow me on Instagram, you're already well aware with my obsession for Quest bars. I've mentioned previously before how I was never a protein bar type of girl, as I used to think they were pointless and I could easily and willingly take my 100-250 calories elsewhere. *ahem.. ice cream*... also known as: my appetite is seriously that of a 6 year old child. 

Well, fast forward to current times of no longer being uneducated on nutrition (and maybe a slight jump in maturity) -- I've come to the realization that protein bars are like, really, really freaking good for you. And you should be eating them. All the time. The problem with that theory, though, is that protein bars ain't cheap, and if you're eating them as often as you should be, your pockets will not thank you. And with all these summer sales going on, I have shoes things to buy, cha feel me?

Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

There are 14 million different protein bars on the market, but these Quest bars in particular are my absolute favorite !!!!!! With 12g of protein and only 110 calories, you would never know you were eating a protein bar. They taste like a combination of rice crispy treats and those old school cereal bars that your mom used to buy in bulk from Costco when you were a kid. I know you know the ones. Everyone knows the ones.

I'll be the first to admit that the traditional Quest bars aren't my favorite (i have a thing with texture, okay?), but these -- these are a daily staple for me now. In fact, I probably eat too many of them (2 of them a day without fail) thus resulting in a very high protein intake, but hey, I could be on drugs or something and I'm not, so, matters could be worse.

That was a pretty dark comparison for a post about protein bars, I'm sorry.

The Quest Cereal Protein Bars come in 3 different flavors: Waffle, Cinnamon Roll + Chocolate, with Waffle being my #1. Just look at how beautiful it is. *salivates....*

Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

So, you've already sat here reading this post long enough to probably hate me, but I'm about to win you back over, promise.

How? By bribing you for your love, of course. 

THAT'S RIGHT! I'm giving away 3 BOXES of these babes to 3 different of you babes! All you have to do to enter is be an email subscriber of Food and the City, (which takes all of 2 seconds to sign up for if you haven't already, click here) + be a follower of my Instagram account! The winner will be announced via Monday's (7/17) newsletter, and contacted via the email you're signed up with -- so make sure it's valid! 

That's it!

Yay free stuff! Yay protein bars! Yay Quest! Yay life!

I'll stop now. Good luck!

Signed -

Mel who had too much coffee today

Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

BEST IN BEAUTY | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you haven't heard, in which case -- welcome back to life! -- early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started yesterday exclusively for cardholders. Until July 21st, we (the cardholding people) have first pick at all that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has to offer. Which, in my case, translates to the: "that one time when I was 18 years old and thought it'd be cool to have a credit card so *signs up* for rando Nordstrom card" card. However, and much to how I usually excuse all of my questionable decisions, it sort of doesn't count as a bad decision since now I get to partake in early access every year. Right?


ANYWAY -- & much to my pleasant surprise, there has been a SHIT TONE of amazing beauty deals during this sale. I feel like beauty is always a hit or miss for me during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, however I'm crazy impressed with the lineup this time around!!

That being said, and without further ado, here are my top beauty picks for 2017! (just incase you need shopping plans for the weekend)

July 13, 2017

What To Buy During The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

IT'S HERE YA'LL!!!!! Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has OFFICIALLY started! Yesterday, I published a post explaining the sale details and how you can participate and shop these amazing savings. Today -- I'm sharing my TOP PICKS of the sale, and all of the items I'm planning to purchase over the next 2 weeks. Remember, early access is for CARD HOLDERS ONLY, so if you're not currently a member, click here to sign up and get on that card holding game gurlfrand.

If not, the sale opens up to the public on July 21st, so make sure to mark that date on your calendar right now so you don't forget! To help you out, here's a quick little graphic to save to your computer or phone to keep up with all of the important sale dates that you'll want to keep handy!

So, shall we get to shopping already?? Here are my TOP A$$ PICKS for this years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

July 12, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 First Look

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We need to talk about something very important, and that, my friends, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you're unfamiliar with what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is, it's only one of biggest shopping events of the year, and it's also one of the BEST sales to take advantage of. Why? Because the items that have drastic price drops aren't dropped because they're "sale items" or "going out of season" pieces. They are NEW ARRIVALS, and that's what makes this sale so special.

You get brand new, on trend items for a fraction of the cost, 
so it's definitely not one to miss!

I'll be sharing my current (ever growing) shopping list of things that I have my eye on to purchase once the sale goes sort of live tomorrow. I'm a Nordstrom cardholder, so I get early access starting tomorrow until it's open to the public on July 21st. I'm hoping to snag some of my favorites before they end up selling out! (which btw, happens very often during the sale) To apply for a card + instantly get $20 to use during the sale, click here!

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017, nordstrom anniversary sale catalog, nordstroms anniversary sale 2017

July 11, 2017


amazon prime day 2017, best of amazon prime day 2017, amazon prime day sales

Ahhhh yes -- it's Amazon Prime Day ya'll -- or as I like to call it, Cyber Monday's way less cool younger sister. Exclusive to prime members only, Amazon Prime Day is an annual event consisting of 30-straight hours of special deals that only last for a limited amount of time.

I actually have a prime account this time around (as in; my brother finally gave me his password), so I've had my eyes on a few sales that I think can't be beat!! Sharing just *some* of my top picks because we'd be here till next prime day if I were to list them all, ha.