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April 24, 2017

Where to Boozy Brunch In Every Manhattan Neighborhood

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, New Yorkers wipe the hangover crispies from their eyes and slowly make their way out of their apartments in order to participate in one of this cities most beloved activities: Brunch. Brunch, unlike it's counterparts, is an art form, and an art form that New Yorker's take very very seriously. Here is every single place to boozy brunch in Manhattan, as listed per neighborhood.

You've go a lot of drinking and eating to do. 


Bodega Negra

The deal: Make your own mimosas for $65 with a bottle of prosecco and fresh juices and mixers.


The deal: $29.95 for an entree and 1.5 hours of bottomless frozen hibiscus rosalitas, classic margaritas, mimosas, Bloody Marys, and beer.

Lasagna Ristorante

The deal: $16.95 for entree plus choice of one mimosa, Bellini, screwdriver, or Bloody Mary. Make it unlimited for $11.

Bocca di Bacco

The deal: $20 for a bottle of Champagne or a pitcher of mimosas, Bloody Marys, or screwdrivers. $5 for single Bloody Marys, mimosas, and screwdrivers.


The deal: $9.95 for one hour of unlimited mimosas or Bellinis. $14.95 for margaritas or Bloody Marys.



The deal: $32 for an entree and 1.5 hours of bottomless sangria, mimosas, or Bloody Marys. If you want to host a full brunch party, parties of 20+ can spend three hours for $43/person.

Cafe Cortadito

The deal: $31.95 for an entree, plus 1.5 hours of your choice of tropical mimosas, red or white sangria, Champagne mojitos, Champagne margaritas, Bloody Marys, or house beer.

Pardon My French

The deal: $29.95 for an entree, plus bottomless Bloody Marys with house-infused horseradish vodka or mimosas for 1.5 hours.

Yerba Buena

The deal: $14 for one hour of all-you-can-drink Latin cocktails, margaritas, mimosas, and sangria.


The deal: $29.95 for an entree and 1.5 hours of bottomless frozen hibiscus rosalitas, classic margaritas, mimosas, Bloody Marys, and beer.

Three of Cups

The deal: Add just $8 to your brunch entree for two hours of unlimited Bloody Marys and mimosas.

San Marzano

The deal: Add $10 for bottomless mimosas.


The deal: $50 for four tapas plus a two-hour open bar.

The Black Ant

The deal: Add $19.99 for 1.5 hours of spicy or regular Bloody Marys, margaritas, and mimosas.


The deal: Two hours of unlimited beer, mimosas, or Bloody Marys plus a SoCal-themed entree.

La Palapa

The deal: $32 gets a group of six or less 1.5 hours of unlimited brunch drinks plus margs and a Mexican-inspired entree. $38 for groups of seven and up.

April 22, 2017

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Trout

Trout may not be the rarest of all fish—in fact, it’s commonly raised as food and are easily found in supermarkets. However, that’s not an excuse to forego being creative with this fish. After all, not all trout are created equal; you’d want to make the most out of an exceptionally flavorful trout.
Hence, instead of the usual frying and grilling, how else can you prepare trout? Here are some creative ideas:
  • Cook the entire fish with everything on.
    Admittedly, not all Americans cook fish with the head, skin, and bones still on, usually settling for pre-cut fillets bought at the supermarket. However, this can mean that they’re missing out on a lot of flavor that only these parts can provide. This is especially true for trout. Most of this fish’s flavor can be found from its skin and bones. In fact, when cooked well, its skin offers an exceptional crispiness.

    If you’re wondering how to start cooking the entire fish, there are some recipes you can try out, such as this Oven Roasted Trout from Tomas Test Kitchen. This simple recipe only takes around 20 minutes to complete, from prep to cook time. And with the addition of lemons to season the entire trout, you get rid of the fishy smell while adding a light, tangy taste. That makes it the perfect spring or summertime dish.

April 21, 2017


I swear to GOD this year seems to be whizzing by quicker than any year ever before. The fact that not only are we nearing the end of April, my birthday month starts in just 10 days, in which I'll be turning 26. TWENTY-SIX. What in the actual FUCK is that about?

It feels like just yesterday that I was walking into my 21st birthday party, and just a week ago that my only worry in the world was if Joey from down the block thought I was cute or not. Can we go back to simpler days like that, and not to days where I'm in the fetal position on the couch after realizing how much I owed in taxes? Please?? Noo?? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME??

April 14, 2017

Philippe Chow - 10/10

Philippe Chow: easily one of the most famous names within the New York City food scene. Formerly the renowned chef of Mr. Chow, Philippe is considered one of the top Asian culinary geniuses of our time. Ever since opening their doors in 2005, Philippe Chow has been offering family-style Beijing cuisine in a dimly light & sexy setting. Their A-list clientele includes some of entertainments most notable stars such as Rihanna, Kobe Bryant, and the who's who of the New York City social elite. 

From the moment you step foot into Philippe Chow, you're transported into a luxurious oasis fit for a top notch dining experience. This isn't your typical Chinese takeout, folks. Here you'll find some of the cities best pecking duck as declared by the New York Observer, some of the tastiest cocktails, and yes -- the best red velvet cake that I have ever had in my life. 


April 11, 2017

BAR TACO ~ Portchester, NY

When you think of gorgeous views, delicious food, and killer margaritas - Portchester, NY might not be the first place you'd turn to look. However, about an hour outside of the city, sits one of my favorite restaurants that Westchester has to offer, and that my friend, is Bartaco

If you've never been before, you may miss it a couple of times as it's tucked away at the end of a large parking lot that quaintly sits on the edge of the water. This semi-annoying location mishap also allows them to have adorable outdoor seating, so make a u-turn and suck it up Chuck because you're about to get your taco shizz on. Sitting outback during the summer is so relaxing, and honestly, I wouldn't blame you if it became one of your favorite places to spend your summer evenings. Order yourself a pitcher of spicy margarita and go to town.


April 09, 2017


Midtown West, Manhattan. Arguably one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City to find yourself at 6pm on a Tuesday night. Between commuters rushing into Penn Station to catch their NJ Transit train, or the groups of coworkers making their way over to happy hour, Midtown West is nothing short of a circus between the hours of 12AM and 12AM. Basically, never go there if you don't have to. I used to live in Midtown West, and to be honest, I have no fucking idea how I survived it. Every time I left my apartment building I was signing to return without a limb. The masses of people, tourists, crying children... Jesus, how did I do it man. I moved out of Midtown West back in October, however if I knew about Lugo Cucina the way that I know about Lugo Cucina now, it may have made my residency a bit more sweeter.

Attached to One Penn Plaza is where you'll find this Roman Italian restaurant cooking up Italian classics with a modern twist. Largely occupied by the suits that work in the surrounding office buildings, or folks carb-loading before heading to a Knicks game across the street, Lugo Cucina still has a charm about it that takes you back to a1960 Roman trattoria. Will you find outstanding, authentic, down to the bone "nonna's in the back making the sauce fresh everyday" kind of food here? No, but you will find delicious eats and a laid back environment for the area.