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August 28, 2015

Your Guide To Every National Food Day In September

These days, it seems like there is a #NationalDayForEVERYTHING. I can't log onto Twitter without the first trending topic dictating what my Instagram for the day will be. National Puppy Day, National Sangria Day, National French Fry Day, it's getting hard to keep up.

But fret not, my dears! Today we've compiled a list of every national foodie day happening in September (plus where around NYC you can celebrate)! Fact, there are TWO national days having to do with coffee, and I am so okay with that. Also, there's a National I LOVE FOOD DAY. Can we talk about that? Actually - we can't. My face is too filled with food.

Let the hashtags commence!

September 5th – National Cheese Pizza Day
Chic, Westchester eatery, Thymeboasts Margarita and Bacon and Onion pizzas to liven up the classic cheese pizza on this holiday.

September 6th – National Coffee Ice Cream Day
Dive into ‘21’ Club’s Chocolate Banana Bliss made with toasted walnuts and coffee ice cream after an iconic meal at one of NYC’s most celebrates restaurants. 
Belgian chocolatier, Neuhausperfects the classic flavor with their Mocha Ice Cream topped with rich, melted Neuhaus chocolate.

August 27, 2015

REVIEW: Love with Food

If you're not yet familiar with Love with Food, it's a monthly subscription based service that introduces you to new organic snacks that you maybe otherwise wouldn't look twice at. I've found some of my favorite goodies this way, because my mind is usually programed to only grab things that I know. Love with Food helps your beautiful brain step outside of the familiar, and into the new.

August 26, 2015

CHARLOTTE, NC: Campania Trattoria

Today's post comes from Food and the City contributor Jennifer F of Charlotte, NC!

In and around Charlotte, NC? You need to check out Campania Cafe & Trattoria - an authentic Italian restaurant that features a fresh take on Italian classics. 

Featuring everything from innovative salads, specialty entrees (low carb options included!), and desserts from the chef's own family recipes, Campania gives Italian cuisine a refreshing new reputation.

August 25, 2015


Today's post comes from contributor Julissa of NYC! 

Max Brenner! They have various locations, but the one I've been too is located at 841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. 

This is my all time favorite restaurant! Their whole theme surrounds chocolate, hence their slogan being Chocolate By The Bald Man!, so if you have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely love this place. It was formed by two men, Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner, originally in Israel. But they quickly grew and spread all over the world in the US, Australia, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Russia, and Korea. It's crazy! They're insanely popular, and you need to make reservations most times to get a table. However sometimes if you're lucky, you can get a table pretty quickly as a walk-in.  Their stuff is presented in the cutest cups/mugs/and plates; you pay for a whole experience and that's what you definitely get.

August 24, 2015

Where To Eat, Drink & Stay In Miami

I went behind your back and recently went to Miami without ever mentioning it on here. And by recently, I mean yesterday. I was out there on behalf of European Wax Center, to help celebrate the winner of the Summer Goddess Search! While out there, we had the opportunity to explore a bit, and find some pretty dope places that are worth talking about. I know I try to keep this little blog mainly about New York spots, but when this gal gets to travel, she wants to tell you about all of the booze and eats that this world has to offer. While there's no place like New York for chowing down and making bad alcohol-infused decisions, Miami was a pretty close second.

Below you'll find 7 places we visited that I need you to know about. I wish we had more time to check out some more places, but I guess we'll just have to go back.

August 19, 2015

Peach & Blueberry Vodka Cocktail

Did you know that August is National Peach Month? It seems these days, there is a "national day" for just about anything. Peaches, though, get an entire month of celebrations. Why? I have no clue why. But this girl ins't complaining.

 I remember when I was a little girl, my grandfather had this biiiig peach tree at his house. My brothers and I would pick them fresh and eat them on the spot, while the adults would collect them and toss them into homemade white sangria. I remember always saying to myself "wow, I can't wait to be an adult and do that." So naturally, when I thought about what I wanted to make in order to mark this national month in my life, I couldn't think of a better way then with cocktails.